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How to use soak off gel

Here are some basic instructions on the use of soak off gels

The pigment will settle to the bottom and will require you to stir the gel to ensure proper application.

• Clean and prep your nails properly. Gels normally require the use of a specialized base coat that will also require curing from a UV/LED lamp.
• Cure under a UV/LED lamp after EVERY coat.
• Do not overload brush. Use thin coats.
• Cap free edges.
• Remember to do your clean up before you cure your nails.

UV lamps require longer curing time. (2-3mins) vs LED (30 seconds)

Lightly buff the surface of your nail with a fine grit nail file.
Separate small pieces of cotton and small pieces of aluminum foil.
Soak cotton in acetone and place on top of nail and wrap with foil, wait a couple minutes.
Use cuticle stick to remove any leftover gel.
*This method is also used to remove glitter polish (without doing step one)

Please remember to store your soak of gels away from direct light.

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